275 96th Ave N, Suite 3, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702, US

(727) 579-0080

Welcome to Michael Eastridge, Ph.D., ABPP

Welcome to Michael Eastridge, Ph.D., ABPP

Welcome to Michael Eastridge, Ph.D., ABPPWelcome to Michael Eastridge, Ph.D., ABPP

Office Information


Office Address

275  96th Ave North

Suite 3

Saint Petersburg, FL  33702

Office Manager


Phone:  (727) 579-0080

Fax:  (727)  578-2542

Email:  Kathryn@DrEastridge.com

To make an appointment or to discuss billing or insurance information,

 please call at (727) 579-0080.


Dr. Eastridge:  DrEastridge@DrEastridge.com

Mrs. Simmons:  CarrieSimmonsLMHC@gmail.com

Dr. Eastridge's family, colleagues, friends (personal only):  Mike@DrEastridge.com

Office Forms

You can save time at your first appointment by downloading office forms below, and filling them out prior to your first appointment.

These include:  A consent form, practice description, informed consent, consent for a minor patient, and a new patient intake form.

Interesting Links

These links are interesting to me. I cannot vouch for the validity of information on these sites, but they may be interesting to you also.

www.5lovelanguages.com  This quiz is based on the book by the same name. You have to leave an email address in order to get your results, but the results make you think.

www.vimeo.com/jheadley/ This will take you to a funny (for adults) website with videos about people. Check out "It's not about the nail".

www.lumosity.com  This is a well-known website which has free and subscription services. It offers game-style exercises which are supposed to improve brain functioning.

www.colorquiz.com  This website offers a version of the Luscher  Color Test, a personality test based upon your reactions to colors. It's probably B.S., but its fun to take. Contemplate the results and ask yourself, "Is there any truth to this?".

Responses to FAQs

  • We take some insurances. Please ask prior to your visit and bring your insurance information to the first appointment.
  • It is your responsibility to know what your insurance pays and what your copay is. It is sometimes impossible to confirm this information via phone prior to your first appointment.
  • You will be billed for appointments which are missed without 24 hour notice. You will be billed the entire cost of the session, because your insurance will not pay if no services are rendered.  Our income is based upon use of our time, so when you ask us to commit our time to you, if you do not show up, it comes out of our paychecks.
  • Try to be at the office about 15 minutes prior to your first appointment, so we can collect the initial information we need without taking up time from your session. Please note, our office closes daily for lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm; unless arranged otherwise on an individual basis.
  • Our appointments run pretty close to  "on time".  Sessions run for a 45 minute "hour". This is decided by insurance companies and is what they will pay for. If you do not use insurance, the session will run for a 55-60 minute hour.
  • We request that you remain on premises when children under 18 years old are being seen.
  • For divorced families, we do not split session bills between parents. We bill whoever brings the child. Parents can settle up between themselves.
  • Our sessions are confidential. If, however, you are involved in a lawsuit, our records may be obtained by subpoena.  We will let you know before we release the records, if we can. If you come for testing which will be submitted to a government agency, insurance company, or employer, etc., information will be released only as directed by you.
  • Currently, our office only accepts cash or checks for payment. This means no credit or debit cards can be used as a form of payment.